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What is Advaita? It's nothing. It dances in front of you to get your attention then disappears leaving you with this, as this. This is what you are, without preparation, even without knowing. Sometimes Advaita seems to bring ease and at other times appears to create acceptance. Then it withdraws leaving loss and emptiness. But Advaita suggests this was life happening all along. It's not that you're not there yet, it's that this is it. Advaita  points out there is nothing to point out and is thus the nothing that it is.

This site offers a sharing of concepts and pointers for seekers fascinated by the no-path of Advaita or non-duality. None are true yet all arise in and point to the unknowable  - as does everything.

Advaita is not the path
Up the mountain

Advaita is the crevasse

The mystery is safe
From prying minds
You are totally free
Because there’s nothing you can do

When the unknown is found
It becomes the known
And is lost

Most teachings gang up on
The side of goodness
But God has a much broader
It's not you that's being you
It's life that's being you

The I is nothing special
And therefore has the same free will
As a rock

When the answer no longer matters
The miserable seeker
Becomes the joyful seeker
If oneness is responsible
For everything

How could oneness be so brutal?
Says oneness

You are absolutely free
You just can’t know it

Being unenlightened and
Having the hide to write about
Is done by oneness
It’s not that
“There’s no-one to be enlightened
So don’t bother”
It’s that there’s no-one
To not be enlightened right now

Truth is always
In your face

Liberation is not done by you
It would be done by oneness
If it weren’t the case already
Every thought leads

To the truth

That the true Tao cannot be spoken
Is also spoken 

Why take the rap
For something you didn’t do?
Blame it on oneness
All the stuff you think
Advaita will ease
Is it

Concepts always succeed to fail

It’s not that there’s no God
It’s that there’s only God
God steals money from pensioners
Then throws himself in jail
Just for the fun of it

Something happened
Before you thought about it

The serious seeker needs to ask
How does a teapot
Become a teapot?
When you know about
The freedom
you can’t have
There is a resulting ease

These concepts were written for myself (the 'you' is me). For several years I filled black notebooks on which I drew the letter 'A' with white-out. I took them everywhere and never lost one. I found the concepts are quickly forgotten and  can be read again later with a similar or different response. Sometimes I can't imagine what they were meaning to say, but this doesn't matter because it's oneness, disguised as you, that gives any concept its meaning.

I was surprised these pointers were a great help and enjoyment to me in my search and I've put a selection here to share with others.

In your own search I wish you all of the joy and happiness and pain and frustration that I have known in trying to make sense of our exquisitely strange, and possibly beautiful situation.......  
                                                                                       Peter Marjason

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