Advaita Notebook  

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What To Believe

There's a small country in Central Africa
Gurundu  ( Capital- Mbwasi )
And I opened the atlas to check
I began to have doubts
And on looking again
It was missing

Now I don't know
What to believe

First Things First

I slipped on my neighbour's
Banana skin
And now I'm suing his ass
Because mine is so sore

It's a hell of a lot of
Time and expense
But I want to get it out of the way
Before becoming  enlightened
First things first


You can ask a kangaroo
What is her experience
Of the present moment

But she just stares
At you

This Wonderful Therapy

This wonderful therapy
Travels with you
Never interfering
Yet always available
Always arising in no time
With that desired effect
Of nothing

The Final Cut

The editor told me
Most of my life will end up
On the cutting room floor

And halleluiah because
All I have to do is everything
And only the best scenes
Will be used
This is good news and a great relief

I can't wait to see
The final cut

I Refuse to Believe

I refuse to believe
I've been left out
Just for not understanding
Or because I thought too much
Or even because I raised my voice
Or robbed a bank

I don't believe it's that sort of set up
Where anyone could be
Excluded from heaven
Just because of something
They did

Drag Your Feet Properly

Ashamed of my sloth
And trying to look alive
I was needing a pep talk by God

"Not like that. Like this" he said
And he bent right over
An old old man
Head down shoulders hunched
Dragging his feet disgustingly

"Really?" said I
"Let me have a go"

"That's it" said God "That's good"
"Let's do it together
One more time
Dragging our feet properly"

Resist not Evil

I couldn't believe it when
God said this
He said  "Resist not evil"
"Because I invented it for your use"

Then he disappeared
Leaving me to explain
In this poem

On the whole I'm a nice person
Doing my best
And trying to obey the rules

I can only assume he was
Talking about someone else

The Ride

Finding my carriage
I stepped on the train
Suddenly the platform pulled away
And I felt myself locked clickety clack
Into rock solid movement

Somebody was already in my seat
And it appeared to be me
I was just sitting there
Looking out through the window
Watching life go by
And feeling the power of the engine

I was already sitting in my seat
Doing this
Just as I would have wanted

Is This the Way to Go ?

Just an hour ago
Birds called to the sunshine
On the lawn

Now it's closed in
And raining hard
Poor birds

Mind moves with the weather
And sometimes it's hard
To tell the difference
Between good days and bad

Is this the way to go?

A Lesson to you All

This guy in admin had told everyone
Including God
That he would do all this stuff
That would help everyone
A lot of people were depending on him

He let everyone down hugely
And made an absolute spectacle of himself
All for the sake of his own greed and pleasure

We thought he was a goner
And deservedly so
But next thing we saw God
Not only not ticking him off
But rewarding him with lucky surprises
And saying
"Let this be a lesson to you all"

I'm looking round for another religion

Nothing's Been the Same

This morning I heard the table
Talking to itself
"I am not the doer"
"I am not the doer" it repeated
I could have told it that

But then the window frames
And the couch joined in
And I became confused and
A bit angry

Feeling outnumbered
I began walloping them with the mop
Which itself started screaming
"I am not the doer"
As if to blame me

Afraid of being caught red-handed
I went totally transcendental
Where with God's eyes
I clearly saw
God walloping God with God
While God thought God was not even God

Needless to say
Nothing's been the same since

It Doesn't Seem Fair

A seeker practicing mind control
With perfect tranquillity
And excellent posture
Missed only three particles of dust
On his mirror

Now he needs to return and search
For innumerable further aeons

It doesn't seem fair

All I needed

I had that strange feeling
God was near
Somewhere in the crowd

I saw a pair of
Old bare feet
And took a chance
"Why do you do everything
But pretend you don't?"
He knew I'd sprung him

"So I can come and join you"
That answer was all I needed

Bosons Muons and Quarks

The behaviour of fundamental particles
Has become so outrageous
And can I say
That we need to change our laws
To bring them into line

Being the very foundations of our society
They must demonstrate reason and logic
In no uncertain manner
So we can all be assured of common sense
From the bottom up

Bosons muons and quarks
Are the worst offenders
And whoever made these things
Will be facing the combined might
Of our best physicists, lawyers
Legislators and philosophers

Loose Gravel

A friend of mine
Fell off the cliff
Years ago
When we were playing
Too close to the edge

I moved inland to the plains
And did well in farming

Lately I've been back
To enjoy the view
And wonder

And I've found that same place
We used to play
Where there's lots of loose gravel

The Source of Our Light

The source of our light
Is most brilliant
Powering us from ninety million miles
Displaying itself
As a great reminder in the sky

If only the hidden one
Would do likewise

These Poems

I have to spot these poems
Out of the corner
Of my eye
They hang on trees
And in  rafters

This one was under the kettle
Just before I lit
The gas


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