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April 2012

I trust you
Said God
To do what I want

But I invented
Pleasure and pain
Just to make sure

While the seeker
Searching is what
The seeker seeks

There is only ever
And while this is
Only searching could
Possibly be found

A seeker is always
Looking for the

So he can

What I am
Is looking out
Through my eyes

The CIA did 9/11
Is one
Conspiracy theory

God made the world
Is another

As well as
All is one

But the biggest
Conspiracy theory of all
Is that I
Think I know a
Single thing

It's not that
There's no love
In Advaita

It's that there's
No love
Discriminating love
And all encompassing love

It's very hard for
No one to see
There's no one

No choice
Means one choice
And that's choosing

Every single thing
You're trying to do
Is already being done
Before you try

Even the trying

Don't confuse yourself
With God

Be certain

Teaching and learning
Are the same

You are not here
Creating a past
You can be proud of

You are here
Full stop

Life feeds on
So being afraid
Can help

Yet don't be afraid
Of the fear

If you are:

Don't be afraid
Of the fear
Of the fear

On a corner
The beggar sits
With his story on
The lights change
And a sports car roars off

Why divide this
Into two?

The lost tribes
Of Oonka Bawoonka
Have no compass
To guide them
Nor mirrors to self reflect

And no searching is found

Does it
And you
Experience it
As one

When you
Doubt your own thinking
Use your own thinking

As all is one
Not two is
Not needed

Is preferable

Endure your losses
And celebrate your wins

You not seeing
Everything is perfect
Is perfect

Self doubt
Is done with
Complete confidence
By oneness

Pain and suffering
Are very useful
To help you realize
You don't need
Pain and suffering
To help you realize

The world constantly
Begins and finishes

Well before you can
Do anything about it

I require some people
To be doing everything
Said God

When God and I
Watch TV
He laughs at
All the wrong places

What is
Can't be seen
Because it's
The seeing

These words can't
Dispel your dream
Because they are
In your dream

When words finally
Dismantle themselves

There's nothing left
With which to

Not knowing can appear
Pretty dumb

The only thing that
Saves you
Is the innocence
Of not knowing

Which of course you
Know nothing

In my freedom
The dance of life goes on
But the music
The costumes
And the dancers
Are all more vivid

I must try and
Remember the steps
Otherwise I'll trip over
And everyone will laugh

And I might have to

It's very simple
Said God
When it rains
Be sad
When the sun shines
Be happy

Advaita and Neo Advaita
Are not two

There is always only
What you're already doing
And it's much too late
To change that

Is easier to believe
If you don't
Take it literally

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