Advaita Notebook  

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Once a Child

You were once a child
Then twenty
Then sixty
Then gone
And it will all be now

And who will blow out
The candles
On your cake?

So Delicately

I move your legs
And your arms
And your mind
So delicately in unison

You don't even suspect

The Hierarchy

At the very top
Is God
Who you never see

But coming a close second
On TV you see
His and her majesties
And royal highnesses
And their holinesses and
The very and most reverends
Their worships and venerables
And most honourables
And even sir lords madams
And ladies

But seeing as God
Is never on TV
You don't know if he
Wears a crown
Or even a sheet
With a hole in it

Brought me Undone

The search has
Brought me undone

My mind is
Sleeping under bridges
And eating out of bins

The situation's hilarious
Except when
Everything I gave up
Suddenly seems important

In the end
There's no choice but to
Be content
With discontentment
And drink wine
And buy the odd
Lottery ticket

Come with me Now

I was buying a long sleeve shirt
And I heard the voice of God
"Don't worry about that shirt"
Said God
"Come with me now"

I should have gone
But came up with silly excuses
As I had been looking for
That style of shirt for a while
And I wanted to hang around
And have a cappuccino
With my wife

I should have gone right then
Because now I'm
Still waiting patiently
For another chance
Twenty seven years

The Trick

I told God that
If he could write down
My birthday
Right now without going
Out of the room
I would believe in him forever

He scribbled the date and threw in
The exact time for good measure

In that instant
I knew all the prophesies were true

The very next day however
I met a woman who said she could
Do the same thing as God
Anyway she's going to teach me
The trick

Prepare Yourself for Death

Don't order sandstone
For a pyramid
But do in your own way
Prepare yourself for death

Keep on with earthly things
By all means
But know them as toys
To fill in time

If you prepare yourself well
You will experience
All the benefits and joys
Of death
While quite alive

Finally though
All will be vaporised
In the vast supernova
But if you're well prepared
And flying high
That won't even singe
Your feathers

Out There is In Here

Out there
Never left in here
Where all is

The folds of the mind
With electric sparks
Is another idea floating within

The source cannot
Crane it's neck
And turn back on itself
To say
"Where am I?"

So what are you left with?

Nothing sayable

Only this

 The Winter Sun

Freedom is the winter sun
A reminder of warmth
Full of promise
And hope
But such a thin thread

I keep thinking the winter sun
Points to summer
But it's really saying

"I am here
If I get lost in storms
And can't melt the ice
Freedom is still


Self Saucing

Take nothing at all
Add nothing
Let it stir itself and cook
For a lifetime of nows

It will be delicious
And disgusting

But the best part is
It's self saucing
And how it does that
I have no idea

Look at me

Look at me
I didn't mean you to
Look at each other
Or even yourself
Take off your blindfold

Don't shield yourself
From light
Look at me and die
For I am drop dead

Don't bother with reflections
Look directly into the source
The cause
Of all radiation

And get burnt
To a crisp

When it's Here

When it comes
And it's really here
There's no not knowing it

It's so here
You can't remember even
One problem that
Needed fixing before

There's nothing you can do
Except enjoy it
And if you doubt that
That's another wonderful joke

 You can even get a stick
And try scaring it off
But it won't go

When it's here

Someone was Tooting

At the red lights
Someone was tooting
It was God in his Austin
Two lanes across
Trying to get my attention

I stared straight ahead
Sensing him waving his hands
As if he had something to tell me

Last time we met
It caused a whole lot of trouble
And who needs that

Suddenly the lights changed
The traffic all took off
And we lost each other

Don't Waste your Pain

Don't waste your pain
Especially if you have
A lucky life

You might try to
Sit it out
For better times
Or think positive
Or even to change things

But don't waste your pain
Like that

Use it while you've got it
When truth hurts

Lemon Sole

My uncle was paying
So I chose the lemon sole
With salad
And chips

Life is a day to day thing
He said
Why explore it?
Who wants to explore it?

Some people worry
But after thirty missions
 I decided not to

Death will come soon
Probably from a heart attack
Or something
But there's no problem

Everything is arranged
Everything's in order
My solicitor will open the will
And everything will
Be taken care of

Changing the Scenery

Every time I tire of the play
And go searching
For truth
God gets busy
Changing the scenery

Every day and minute that
I think I'm getting closer
To him
He's moving the mirrors
And reloading the smoke machine
And tying thin wires
To heavy objects

Interval ends in exhaustion
The bar closes
And the bell rings
For the next act

I'm bamboozled
And enthralled
What a story
And all that new technology
A standing ovation
Is in order

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