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December 2009

The Gates of Heaven


Outside the gates of heaven

There was a lot of pushing and shoving

Not the sort of crowd I expected

And no shade

From the light


But most humiliating

Were the three angels

Going up and down calling for

Ne’er do wells

And down and outs

And taking them in through the

Side gate


I could see them inside

Getting their wings and halos

And immediately they were flying

And sitting back

On clouds

While we waited



What is the World ?


I asked God to be clear

And tell me exactly

What it was

The world is


Unable to restrain himself

He blurted out the answer

He said:

“It’s a fashion parade

Of sorts”


That’s the first time I

Heard the truth like that

From him



Trying to understand it

What fashions? What are the fashions?

Which parade - and who’s parading?

And “of sorts” -  is it or isn’t it?


Eventually I decided

To keep looking for

A more sensible


My Advisor


People say

“Yes this is a dream

A silly dream”

Then they go and

Insure everything


But my advisor said

“Don’t worry

You are already insured

Because I always keep the pieces

For something else”


A Different Tongue


God speaks a different tongue

One we dare hint at

Only on TV

And rated X


Misery is proof of God

Because not even Hitler

Would do the

The things he does


Only he can possibly

Understand himself


Our job is simply

To love



Force 10


Even if God

Breaks wind silently

It’s still force 10

On the Beaufort scale


Everything he does

Is over the top

And irreversible

And he will never apologise

Or excuse himself


You yourself might backtrack

But that is God’s

Secret game

That you love to play


When God wiggles his hips

It’s force 9

On the Richter scale

And the earth moves

In accordance with his wishes


My advice is to get yourself a

Good foothold

And hang on!

Drunk on the Table


It’s hard to be consistent

When you don’t exist

So why try?


Why not say silly things

Like “yes” then immediately “no”

And be yourself


Dancing drunk on the table

Is only stupid

From down below



From up here

It’s so free and easy

You don’t even know

What they’re pointing at


So come on!

Jump up and join me


The Village Idiot



Here comes the village idiot

If he recognizes me

He might call my name

And he does


So transparently clear

That smile lights the shadows

And his lover’s eyes

Invite me in

To dance


He says the same thing

As last week

And it’s just as absolutely



I can hear God whispering

Suggesting I oil

The squeaky wheel

And pump up the tyres

On his cart

And of course

I do


Thinking of me


When you’re thinking

Of me

You’ve left me


To do that

You must


And while you’re walking

On sharp rocks

Absorbed and distracted

You joined me


And we take

A single step


But please don’t try anything

Because to be honest

You thinking of me

Is just an idea of mine

To get you



We do What we Do


Everyone’s right

But my rightness

Overrides your rightness

That’s my job

Of being me


Even when I’m thinking

You're right

And I’m wrong

That’s my rightness again

Everyone is completely right

All the time

It can’t be otherwise


That’s why

We do what we do



The Show Must go on


You want the dream to end

So you can enjoy

A good night’s sleep

And an energetic life

But it can’t happen that way


When the dream ends

There is no you

To realize

You never existed




But don’t be disappointed


The show must go on



    Take a Look


When trying to see the future

You can only see up to now

Take a look


And when trying to see the past

You can only see back to now

Take a look


You’re not trapped

You’re free

Take a look



Who is it?


Who is it that doesn’t

Accept their life?


Even the biggest whinger

Is just that

And doing his job



I Make the World


I make the world

Without numbers

Or letters

Though professors do try and

Crack the code

Playing lotto with digits


Not one flower

Can say its botanical name

Yet all spread their scent

With perfection


I create this world now

Without the slightest hint

Of meaning

And here it is before you

As absolute



What One is All are


In the world of differences

One theme is woven into

The fabric

“What one is all are”


Take the zebras

You can’t tell who’s who

Unless you have stripes


And the sardines

Can one even tell itself

From the others?


We are all this unknown


And knowing this makes

Yelling at your neighbor

Far more playful



   Eating the Strawberry


I tried to not eat the strawberry

But when it came near

And I could see the colour

My arm just reached out


In spite of the rules

And regulations


No one saw me acting

Against my will

And I think I

Got away with it


What happens next

Will help me put the

Story together

In the most logical way


I hope I come out of it



Bag Lady Poem


At night the bag lady

Writes poems

Like these


She picks up words

During the day

And assembles them into

Riddles of life

For you and me


She is bedraggled

But please don’t think

For a minute

That she doesn’t know



It’s late

She’s finished

And needs to get some sleep

Her trolley cart is waiting

For tomorrow



Strings of Joy


Please don’t mistake me

For being sad

When I am


And please don’t think I’m

Happy these days

Just because I’m laughing


For I’m connected by

Strings of joy

To the puppeteer

And I’m always


Obeying his commands


Swatting a Fly


In the swatting of a fly

All is revealed

Or in the withholding

Of that swatting

The same


Even in no idea

Of swatting a fly or not

All is hidden

To be seen

Don’t be Scared


Don’t be scared of me

Said God

Because I don’t exist


Except as everything you see

And Feel


It’s True

It’s true

Said God

There is no you


But it’s not because

You are me

Oh no no no !

It’s because I am you

Get it?

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