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December 2010

What Is

To find out
What is
You only need to look around

This is it
Full stop
Say no more

But we can't help saying more
You and I
So here we go

After full stop finito
Any more being said
Is added on to
The clear simplicity
Of what is

Yet rather than being
Some sort of mistake
Any additional complication
Or entanglement of what is
Immediately becomes what is
On the hop
And spoils nothing

You will never get it though
This what is
Because it gets you

What is
Is the absolute
The only authority
With only itself
To obey itself
And boss itself around

Any opinions or arguments
Or thoughts
About what is
Are what is at play
In the game

And knowing this
You can forgive
All actions and opinions
And battles of wit
As just fine
How could you disagree
With disagreement
When it is

Why not join in
And thump the table
And state your case
For all is welcome
In this that's totally allowed

What is
Is the one authority
And any expert
Guiding you away from
Your ignorance
Is just a little fun
When you see it
When you see the game of it

What is rules
And what's wrong
And what should be
Are little temper tantrums
Against what is
By what is

How could any expert
Point out mistakes in perfection
Or suggest a single thing to do
Except as a puppet of what is
Salvation only saves you
From the divine

Everything needs your love
For your happiness
And already has it

Not loving
Is just a silly idea
God made up
For entertainment
Don't give it a thought

All is already done
There's nothing to dissolve into
You are home now
Don't even try to remember
It's obvious

If you want to know how to
Live your life
You are
God doesn't ask you to do
Anything you aren't
Already doing

Welcome home
It's so obvious
And easy

You are home
So how can you get there?
Where you are

It's you who lives here
In your home
Welcome here

Welcome home!

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