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December 2011

When you become free
So does
Everyone else

Because they didn't exist

God is so personal
That you are him

And so impersonal
That he is you

It's not that
You don't have to
Do anything

It's that you
Don't have to do

If other people's minds
Seem to be the problem
They aren't

It's your mind

And if your mind
Seems to be the problem

It isn't

It's the
One mind

To pick out something
From everything
And say it's
Bad or good
Is rather
Up yourself

Some teachers aren't happy
With what is
And set out to
Improve it by

Teaching the bad
To be good
The lazy to be
Hard working
The judgemental to be
And the selfish to be

The only problem
With this is
With my silly ideas
Thinking this isn't

Telling yourself
To be yourself
Is yourself
Being yourself

I will never
Try and make you
Do more than you

Said God

What is it then
You can say is
Really true?

Only this is

Thoughts come first

You can't think
About them

What is it
You need to be
Free from?

When you
Can't find the answer
You know
The answer

Before tackling the
Riddle of the universe

Start small
And solve
The riddle of yourself

Advaita can seem negative
Offering no hope
And nothing to do

But what could be more
Than opening to
And accepting
What already is

As provided

You pretending
To know things
Is the unknown

You will never
Find the right moment
To jump in
And grab the reins
And take yourself over

You can see
But you can't
See what you can see

You can hear
But you can't
Hear what you can hear

It happens only once

Fresh as a daisy

Truth is always standing
In the way of itself
And you will never get
Around it
To see it

Even if flowers
Were busy thinking
They would look
Just as lovely

When you forget to ask
Why am I separate?

You aren't

Knowing there's
No choice
Has no effects

Because what chooses
Also chooses effects

Don't worry because
Advaita means
Not two

Which means nothing ever
Became two
In the first place

When you look up
From reading stuff
Like this
On freedom

All is lost in seconds

What then?

Whether to
Accept a thought or not
Is not up to you

Not accepting a thought
Is a thought about
A thought you already had

Thoughts happen
Before you can judge them
With other thoughts

There is only

Not a separate

I rely on tears
Said God
To tell me when
You've had enough
Or enough laughter

It's not necessary
That you know

Only that you
Don't know

You claiming to be
The doer of your actions

Is also
Not one of your actions

This + that = This

This - that = This

This˛ = This

Everything  = This

This is all there is

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