Advaita Notebook  

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There are people saying
They live in states of bliss
And freedom
And I would like that

I can visit and listen
Or buy the DVD
And read the book

Yet I have my own experience

Even while trying to
Copy theirs

And my own experience is
So vividly present
And smack bang in my face
That someone else's experience
Is a whisper of a rumour
I thought I heard of

My own experience
Is really all that happens

If I hear a great master say
Empty your mind
And be aware of awareness

This is my own experience

The very idea of someone else's experience
Being more valid
More spiritual
Or existing at all
Is my experience
Talking again

Having an idea

The only thing that ever happens
Is this now
This very here now
And as far as I know
This world is
Mine alone

And I have
Thought you all up
To join me

But if you believe
You do exist
Maybe it's you
Not me
That thought this whole thing up

Maybe the I person
That you think
Wrote this
Is your idea
And I am not necessary for you to
Be reading these thoughts
You are experiencing

This could of course not be true
Yet it may as well be

If everything were angels
And infinite light
And good
You would be more impressed
With your experience
And more likely to see it
As vast
And true
And worthy of all inclusiveness

But when you see
Just a footpath
Or a coat-hanger
Who wants that?

You want God
Not a coat-hanger

Yet a coat-hanger
Smack bang in your face
Does not obscure God

Whatever you've got
Is all you've got
And all you've got
Is all

If you add this all
To the truth of
Totally not knowing
The mystery becomes

The vast unknown
Becomes this undeniable

As it always

And everything is
Taken care of

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