Advaita Notebook  

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February 2012

The only reason
I watch rubbish on TV
Is because
God made me

Everyone is
Strutting around as if
They own themselves

If you think
Something should be

It can't

So that thought is

Even the thought
"I am not in control
To do anything"

Is already
Not your thought

To think you could
Surrender to oneness
You think you could
Not surrender to oneness

When I contradict
I become

What if you believe
This is illusion
And you want truth

And your life is painful
And unlucky

Maybe you want to
Give up
But haven't

How does one of
These little ditties
Help you then?

Well it does help
Because all that
Scary story
Was in this little ditty
Not your life

But what about others?
They must actually
Suffer these things

Well there goes this
Getting carried away

When you feel
You are losing it

And going a bit wafty
And noticing yourself
Making slips in logic
And the norm

At first you think
"I'm never going to
make it"
And then you think

Hey no
This is it

This is it

Not only does God
Pull your leg
He moves your arms
And wags your tongue
And flaps your mind

Life fulfils its purpose

What you are seeking
Disguised itself as you
And began to

When you try and
Grasp it
You can grasp everything
Except the grasping

So it slips away

When you search
For the obvious
It becomes
Less obvious

It's hard to get
Good people for
Bad jobs
Said god

So to all my murderers
And lazy slobs
I offer my heartfelt

These ideas
May not be right
But neither is
Anything else

They are to help
You and me
In our deconstruction

Though there is
To deconstruct

Given this impossible
We can sigh
And hand it back
To consciousness

All is one

The recluse is one
And Sufis dancing
In a circle

Oneness already is
Then things appear

They appear
In an unknowable way
For an unknowable

You or I are
One of those things

Thinking and talking
Are the same
They are both language

You don't have to think
What to think
Or say
Words come from nowhere

Everything is done for you

If you listen to what you
Have to say
You might be surprised

If you try and delve into it
To figure it out
That is more thinking
To you

From nowhere

I haven't separated
These concepts
Into fact and fiction
I wouldn't know where
To begin

Even if there
Isn't a God

Said God

There may as well be

Searching will
Get you nowhere
But here

Everyone is so busy

They have no time at all
For waking up

I kicked the lawnmower
Then immediately
Apologised to God

But he leapt down
And joined me
And we were both
Kicking the hell
Out of the lawnmower

This the true spirit
Of Advaita

If this moment
Wasn't always in the way
You could
Change the world

The search for the
Can never take place

Because the observer
Does it

When the mind tries
To understand itself
It can't
Because the line's

I myself
Believe in forgiveness
And non judgement
Said God

But what influence
Can I have on

Seeing as you are
Not the doer
You may think
There's no point thinking

But thinking is also
Done for you

The ballet dancer
And the clumsy oaf
Both dance with
Such skill

You are completely

Your opinion
And God's
Are the same

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