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No Free Will

No Free Will

And you will find
There is no free will

There is physics, biology, evolution
Genetics, philosophy, psychology
Self observation, meditation and
Spiritual enquiry

But there is no free will
Only grace
Only what is
Only this

If I understand
What difference does it make?
What good does it do?

I still tend to think
I choose my thoughts
And opinions
And actions
I feel responsible
For being myself
And who I am
And how I behave

And I give others credit or blame
For being them

And I babble on about everything
As if I could know things

No free will means
Any thought or action
Is not willed by me
Is not mine

And if I say
There is no free will
It's not me
Even saying that

It's willed from elsewhere

Something else is writing this
And reading it

As me
And you

Is searching for itself

Chases its own tail
As lila
As life the illusion

Although realizing no free will
May not change things

It hints at a shift

The burden of the mind
Can be lifted
To where it belongs

To the source

Because there's no free will
You yourself can't do that

But you don't need to
Because it's already done

Grace already carries the burden
Of your troubled search

You don't have to find the source
Because the source is
You searching

The source is already responsible for
Crimes and punishment
Trying and effort
Joy and anguish

Unfairness and famine
And every evil thought

Only the source suffers
And if you leave the burden
Where it belongs
You're free of a will
That doesn't exist
And never did

Being free of free will
Grace will carry on
With things

And if you wait for this grace
It will come
Grace is the waiting

You are not necessary
For this amazing life

Everything would be the same
If you didn't exist
And it is
Because you don't

You don't even have to

Yet happily
Thanks to the mystery

Not a single thing
Is lost

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