Advaita Notebook  

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July 2010



Lack of awareness
Is it's own anaesthetic

You don't have to save others
From distraction
Or yourself
You don't have to teach
Or learn

When you forget who you are
Amnesia steps in
And protects you
From fretting

Anytime at all
When someone asks your name
You can't give a wrong answer

Awareness is in demand
But don't underrate it's twin

Like falling asleep
Takes trust

While playing in dreams
It leaves the important things
To God

The Secret

No one can pretend
To be free
Because they are

No one can feign
Union with the source
Because that is their condition

Any counterfeit coins are
Also made by God
In another mint of his
Down the road

  Whenever Mother Theresa
Meets Hitler  
She gives him a kiss
And he her
A lovely smile

Because they both know
The secret


The Show's Over

When you get to heaven
The show's over

Everyone is stripped naked
And searched for signs
Of personality

If your passport falls out of
Your underwear
It's straight to the
High Commissioner
For tea
And cucumber sandwiches

When you return
You won't know who you are
And you certainly
Won't care

Being Yourself

Being yourself doesn't mean
Stop being not yourself
And really be yourself

Being yourself means
You are being yourself

Sometimes you yearn
To be different
This is yourself
 Sometimes you're content

Even if you have
Totally no idea
That you are the only yourself
You can be

You are being yourself
Without knowing it

Poems of Life

When happy
Write happy poems

Write sad poems
When sad

Your poems will confuse
When confusion reigns

And when your words
Are at war with yourself
These verses will join
The poems of life

The poems that wrote

In This  Life

Nothing will make you happy
Only sadness will
And nothing will keep you warm
Only that raw cold feeling

Nothing will deliver you
Peace and clarity
But angst and confusion

Only death keeps you

In Disneyland
Everyone heads straight for
The big dipper
So they can laugh and scream
On the one day
On the one ride
In this life


The Two Advaitas

Neo Advaita and
Traditional Advaita
Are the two
Not twos
From which to

Yet why not make it three
And throw in

If this trend
Complication brings
See you made
Ten thousand things

Find Nonduality

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Up all Night

I sat up all night
Transcribing the talks
Of everyone

It was well worth it because
All expressed absolute truth
Every moment

The book will be out
In November
But if you're quick
And get the idea
You won't need to read it

Except the bit
About you

The Signal to Cry

When you feel the well
And the pull
And start sagging

That's the signal

Don't go getting happy
'Cos that's the signal
To cry

It's ok
It won't take long
Just forever

I Forgive You

I forgive you
Said God
For being yourselves

Not that you did anything at all
Only what I commanded
And those of you
Who in spite of everything
Were very good
You will be rewarded

And those of you that wavered
Or failed
The same

Every one of you has succeeded
In doing what I asked
I thank you all

And my love and special apology
Goes out to those who's part
Was not to know me

The Miserable Rotters

Beware of fascists
Pushing everyone round
And yelling out orders
Like they know

Watch out for greedy pigs
Shouldering you aside
To get their snouts
In the trough

Luckily I don't have to like them
For doing God's work
In that way

Luckily I'm allowed to detest them
The miserable rotters


 Love Poem

I need a love poem
To grab hold of
To keep me afloat

It's only little
And not saying
Anything clever

Only that

I Don't Get It

I don't get it
I whinged
And still do

And apparently
That's right

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