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       July 2011       

I thought of not writing

Silly sayings
And to demonstrate bliss

But if I was to be
Doing that
Who would be
Doing this?

There are no names
Only butterflies

And you can see this
When they flap around

In front of you

It's much nicer
To enjoy the sunset
With someone else

Said God

Something is
Dancing you now
And you don't know
What it is

This is the dance

Seeking comes in waves
Because sometimes
The illusion is
Good enough

A scathing attack
On Advaita
Is of course
Totally what is

Yet it still

Opponents of Advaita
Often seem angry
And I would be

Truth cannot be defended
Because any doubts
Are it

The depth and sincerity
Of not knowing
Is the key

Are human
And humans
Are God

The wheel of life turns
And turns

You think you are on it
But you aren't

There is only
The wheel

To love is to
Stop comparing

To stop
Comparing comparing
With not comparing

The years of studying
Will help you
Burst into tears
At exactly the right

Just because there's
No free will
Doesn't mean you can't
Spend your life
Helping others

A truck has
The same free will
As it's driver

A life spent
Searching for nothing
Is a life
Well spent

If a volcano explodes
And you don't see it
And no one
Tells you about it

What happened?


So who knows
The real world?

Some people are
But it's so hard
To achieve

Innocent are the
Meek and humble

And the powerful
And arrogant

The final argument

The argument that
Wins all arguments

Is the argument that
In a flash
On the spot

How to love
The good
And the righteous
Is practiced everywhere

And is hard enough

But how to love
The unlovable
Is the hardest

If truth is defined
It has to be remembered

Yet all happens
Without a word

Pain and pleasure
Are the strings I pull

Said God

To make my puppets

Advaita changes nothing
Because it is

Lack of knowledge
Is no excuse
For not knowing

When you think
'Not Two'

You divide the world

Your criticism
Of someone else's action
Is your action

And your criticism
Of someone else's reaction
Is your reaction

You are where
The action is

This being oneness
How will you join it?

A few atoms
From some stars
Got together

And called


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