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       June 2011       

I saw a butterfly
Bravely winging
Far out to sea

And felt so sad

But then I saw
Another one
And more

And knew it was
Meant to be

Nonduality means

You don't exist
There's only you

Love is
What is
It has you in its arms

Why try and
Make love
When it's here

If you find a mistake
In one of these concepts

Please try again
Or let me know!

This is enough

Without anything else

Tradition is not
From the past

Is tradition

How can a word
Describe a word

Or a mind define
A mind

God did once suggest
Everything get shared out

But you should have heard
The uproar

Truth can only be
Talked about in riddles
Because the riddles
Clear the air

Only one authority decides
Who is enlightened

And that's

In a cave
Within a cave
Within a cave
Is hidden
The unknowable

Just because you
Believe in Advaita
Doesn't mean
You can't have a

Broken heart

You wouldn't muck around
Wasting time

If you had any

Is spontaneous

In the battle between
Good and evil
You must have evil

And an evil thought
Like that
Is because of
A good thought
Like this

Teachings and tradition
Don't lead to truth
They arise in truth

The lost tribes of
Oonka Bawoonka
Live lila
And die

Never knowing
They don't know

Do I have free will?
Is a good question
If I do

And an inevitable question
If I don't

How can you possibly
Think of anything
By yourself?

When you're
On a journey

The place you left
And your destination
Don't exist

Which puts you here

If there's no free will
You can't change fate
So why read this?

I'll tell you why

It's because you've

The feeling of choice
Is just as good
As choice

Having tried healing

Why not try being

It's so easy you're
Already doing it

If you're free of
What's going on

It can go on freely

You can insure yourself
For safety
But not against this

Truth is freedom from
Mind babble

And so is
Letting mind babble

Also mind babble resisting
Mind babble

As I search for
The sage becomes
What I am

And the search is over

The peace within
Is true peace

You don't know what a
Clerodendron Particulatum

And neither does

If there is choice
The present moment
Is a smorgasbord

If there is no choice
The present moment
Is the same

When you evaluate
An answer
You really asked

As you always do

The trouble with Advaita
You can't prove it's


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