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       May 2011       

The butterfly
Never quite settles
And flutters by and
Always almost stops
But never does

You find a dead one
Still beautiful

Is a butterfly's

To want not wanting
Is wanting

At what point did God
And leave you to your fate

It was now
In the beginning
In the form of an

Which is so available
You can't have it
Because you are the

Every moment
The truth is withheld
From itself

Can anyone say
What a fool you are
For any reason

You are only
Doing your best
At being yourself
And this is
Entirely good enough

For everything you do
Is done exactly
As you would do it

The world is always
About to be better
And leaves a
Trail of trying

Things are so exactly
Like they are
You wouldn't believe it

Not one single thing
Is different
Than it is
Now or ever

Returns to nothing
Every moment

An unpresent moment

Never exists
Nothing is ever

Its absolutely no use
Ranting against the truth

So when you see "idiots"
Doing that
Realize you are
Ranting against the truth

Yet even your ranting
Is true

Nothing is not the truth
So there is nothing
To rant against

Nothing to be

The thought
I shouldn't have done that
Is just as inevitable
As what what you did

Truth isn't a concept
But what is it?
Both lines above
Are concepts

Concepts are useless
Is another concept
Silence is a concept
When said

Everything's a concept
Except what?

It seems you can't say
And get away with it

Except what you can't say

If you want to read
A good book on
The meaning of life
Write your own

Because you do

Whether you mix with
Other Advaita believers
Or not
Doesn't matter
Advaita still applies

The desperate seeker
Is neither imperfect
Nor in any way

Oneness is one
Before it splits into
Believers in oneness

Goes around
Thinking they're themselves
But really they're

The intellect excels
In drawing room
But at the
Liver and kidney level
It's less

Every sage speaking
Is God speaking
Every fool babbling
Is God raving on

By divine co-incidence
Your birthday is God's

When you die
He expires
And neither exist

As one

You are so gullible
You believe your own

In writing about God
It's so easy to make a slip
And say something
That stands out like

A sore thumb

Not knowing
Is another golden rule
To be gone

The less you recognize
The clearer things

I am the director
 I set up the cameras
To make a movie of
All of life

But no one was shooting
The camera man
Or me

So I set up another crew
To get some good shots
Of us

And another team to get
And so on
And on

The opposites are
The same

Lila is a hilarious
That only you
Can take seriously

A worm sees
A worm's world
With a worm's knowledge

And it's the same
With you

There is the Almighty
The infinite universe
And the eternal omnipresence

And then there is

Every idea
Is yours


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