Advaita Notebook  

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Right and Wrong

When you're wrong
You're just as right
As when you're right
Because being wrong is right

Every move
Every thought, every mistake
Is right

The word wrong itself
Is right
And must be enacted

Frightened Eyes

Frightened eyes
Don't need answers
Let fear become mystery
And the sparkle show

In that clearer light
No one knows any more
Than you

The Call of a Crow

The most beautiful sound
Is the call of a crow
In an empty moment

God and Sex

It's a bit rude to imagine
God enjoying sex
But apparently he does

Three times per week
In six billion different positions

The Trick

The trick is
To look at a pineapple
Without naming it
Or cognizing it
And certainly not recognizing it

Don't smell it unless you actually do
And don't imagine or remember it
Just look at it
Without  spelling it
Or hearing the sound of the word

That's the trick

Raving like a Lunatic

Thinking I detected
A spark of interest
In my Aunt Stella
About this freedom and
 God business
I began raving like a lunatic
As if it were true

I certainly won't be
Doing that again

The Life of Rats

Observing the life of rats
How they talk
Their homes and highways
And table manners and
Particularly their priorities
And social squabbles

All give deep understanding
Of the human condition
Of not being able
Or needing in the slightest
To understand

Caterpillar Beliefs

The caterpillar's number one belief
Is green leaves
Yet rather than think them
It eats them

Other strongly held beliefs are
Spring and silk

So becoming a butterfly
Is easy

Worrying about Nothing

My dear seeker
I would like to thank you for
Worrying about nothing

Not many have the time
Nor the depth to join you

Please be assured
That though you may get
Nothing in return
This will be all you ever wanted

Have a Nice Day

I won't say don't  be sad
Because you have come so far
And you know the dice rolls
In its own way

You are absolutely doing
Everything you should
And even though your not knowing
Is still imperfect
Have a nice day anyway

Do have a nice day

Your Medication

If you wake up in the morning
And you start believing
Everything you see
You must have forgotten
Your medication

Drawing the Line

Years ago
Frustrated with an invisible truth
And a concrete illusion
I decided to draw the line
Between fact and fiction

And I'm still about to

Not being sure
Where I stand

From up in the Gallery

From up in the gallery
God tipped a huge cardboard box of
Ping pong balls
Into a squash court

I watched in amazement

"That one is you"
He said

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