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May 2010


And You Can do no Wrong

The thought that interrupts
God's thought
Is God's thought

The desires that oppose
God's desires
Are God's desires

And the plan that upsets
God's plan
Is God's plan

Even the anger that challenges
God's anger
Is God's anger

No matter how far you
Wander from the path
You remain smack bang
In the centre

And you can do no wrong

How Beautiful

The tern
 Plummets onto its fish

It is fish
Every molecule
From egg to feathers

The tern is fish
Eating fish
Fish fishing as tern
Fish flying
Looking for itself
To pounce on

And you?
You are the world
Tasting itself
Hearing itself

You are consciousness
Struggling to stand up
On its hind legs
To get a look at itself
At yourself

How amazing
How beautiful


I am an Atheist

I am an atheist
Said God
How could I possibly
Believe in something
When I am?

Where is the other to follow?
And why would I
Turn myself out
To set up doubt
And argument?

I suggest you do likewise
Because only heaven is
And you are here already

Why aspire to become yourself
When you are?

This one self floods the gap
Between everything
And joins all to all

Where would a God abide
In that one?
Except as me
And you

Forget the stories

When I believe in something
I condemn you to other
But when I'm an atheist
The rift is not
And the one
Is one

Something True

It would be so easy
If something were true

You could read it
And write it down
And that would be that

Huge doors on
Faculties of philosophy
Would close

And next Sunday
Churches could distribute
The ultimate truth to everyone
In a fortune cookie

In the rare event
Of someone ever forgetting
They could look on the
Back of their hand
And know exactly
Who they were
And what to do

If we could find
Something true
We could do this
And make it so easy
On ourselves
And others

So please let me know
If you're onto something


A Little Morality

Gurus and teachers
Don't want silly things happening
In satsang
Like yelling or swearing
Or any axe murdering

So they allow
A little morality
To creep in
To keep up the standard

This idea of consciousness
Doing everything
And no free will
Is all very well
In the jungle
Where God has free reign

But in meditation halls
The manners should remain

So Simple

I was feeling lost
Trying to create
A worthy existence
And a voice said
"You don't fit in nowhere"
In that bad grammar

I tried to concentrate on
Some sort of meaningful future
But I heard again
"You ain't got no future"

Now scared
 I asked what it was I was
Supposed to do then
In that case

"You jus' gotta love"

Well it seemed so simple
So very simple


What a Day!

What a day!
Everyone was just zooming round
Thinking they were themselves

Smacking their children

Even seekers were busy
Booking into talks
As if they were really
After something

Even me
This thing is so contagious
I got swallowed up
In the fun of it
And I thought I was myself
Watching them
And writing this

What a great day!

I can't wait till we make another
Exhibition of ourselves


God's Disability

As God gets older
And I wheel him out
Into the garden
For some sun

He will spot some new weed
Growing everywhere
That needs a huge amount of work
To get rid of

And because I'm the closest
I get the job

Weeks later when I report back
Cut and scratched
He seems angry
He says he can't remember
Asking for that
At all
And that he likes
The little flower
On that strangler vine anyway

It's just lucky that
God's disability
Is invisible

To him


This Kindergarten

What sort of life did we get?
I got this one
And you got that one

We could play
Mine's better than yours
Or vice versa
But that's childish

Yet what else is there
To do?

In this kindergarten

Exactly As it Wants

You wouldn't want to
Wreck a good poem
Trying to make it true
Even if it violates the rules
Of  proper understanding

And you wouldn't want to
Wreck an interesting world
Trying to make it fit
Your theory of reality

Much better to see
You surrendered long ago
And what ever it is
Will continue to do with you
Exactly as it wants


Without Evil

It's true that evil is
The other side of good
And bad people are chosen
By fate
As the good are

But we can't allow that idea
To spread
Because once it gets around
What sort of world
Would we have then?

Without evil 

Beauty will Tempt You

Beauty will tempt you
To kiss the world
Ugliness is your friend

Pain moves you ahead
More than prayer
And pleasure is the place
To spread out your blanket
For a picnic
And a little rest

It seems a long long journey
To find the path is the goal
And you never left
Your destination

The Most Beautiful Day

It's the most beautiful day
Not a cloud in the sky
Simply perfect
Absolutely gorgeous
And I must thank the clouds
And grey drizzle
And biting wind
For this day

It's the most beautiful day
Because of them

Thank you

How ?

How do I make the change
To no change needed?

I learnt the lines
And am always on the
Brink of being

Others are wonderful examples
I see their eyes
I hear their words
Can they help me?

How do I make the change
To no change needed?

I feel the answer
But I get closer
And it disappears

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