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No Choice

No Choice

The seeking mind often thinks it's good
to start with a relevant question or a
promising new angle that has popped up.

For instance:

"If an unenlightened person like me is told
by guru/teachers that I am already what I
seek, and that this is all there is, and
 this is it and I can't and don't need
 to do anything...............if...

If I'm told these things it seems there is a
bit of trickery going on, because if everything
is as it is, why would wise ones give me some
sort of hint about anything, as if there's
something to do or something to know."

Any question arising in this perfection is not
perfect in its query nor perfect in its answer
but perfect in its existence - it is.

So a question to play with could be:

"Why do guru/teachers bother to say to me that
 I am
already what I seek when I am already
what I seek?  Do they have a problem?"

It's tempting to explore this in logical detail.
Yet apart from that logical pull
there's another feel to it - an illogical pull.

A bit like:

I'm going to get caught up here
It can't be worked out
It can't be known
It's simply happening
It is

And from this perspective there seems
 less need for a seeker or
a teacher or
 a knower or a doer or an answer.

So why do I seek?      There's no choice it is.

Why does the guru say this or that?
No choice it happens.

And this no choice occurs every moment.
It unfolds as it does.

No choice is a good "answer," so let's begin with this
answer and apply it to some
 seeking questions.

Q   Does Advaita/nonduality interfere with my
normal daily life?
A    No choice                                                      

    Q    Should I keep exploring nonduality concepts
         or will that reduce my motivation to achieve
A    No choice                                                      

 Q    Why do I search at all?                                  

A    No choice                                                      

Q    I want to save trees. Will I continue            
with that?        
A    No choice                                                       

 Q    Why do I have a thought like                      
  'why do I
search?' -  if there's no choice?
A    No choice                                                      

 Q    How do I find the right teacher?                

 A    No choice                                                       

Q    What practice will I do or will I do             
no practice?      
A    No choice                                                       

Q    Why doesn't the guru just say there's         
 no choice?              
A    No choice                                                       

Q    Why does the teacher say any of the          
things he/she does?    
A    No choice                                                      

Q    Why do other people do stupid things?      
 And why do I get angry?

A    No choice                                                      
   No choice                                                   

Q    My mind is very stubborn.                          
      Can I empty it?               
A    No choice                                                     

Q    What if I do read something helpful         
and it works?
A    No choice                                                     

Q    Can I trust these concepts. Should I         
 bother reading them?
A    No choice                                                   

Q    What if I get the wrong idea about          
A    No choice                                                   

Q    What if I never get up off the                     
 couch again?    
A    No choice                                                   

Q    Will I overcome my frantic                        
 activity and find peace?

A    No choice                                                   

Q   Will I develop choiceless awareness?       

A    No choice                                                   

Q    Will I have to convince everyone            
there's no choice?      
A    No choice                                                   

Q    Well what do I do next?                           

A    No choice                                                   

Q    I'll just let it happen then.                        

A    No choice                                                   

Q    This "no choice" answer is good. I'll        
use it instead of logic.
A    No choice                                                  

Q   How do I end this no choice business?   

A   No choice                                                  


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