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Question and Answer

  Question and Answer 

Any attempt by anyone
To say how things are
Is a pretense

Any drunken idiot
Roaring with laughter
Knows that no one
Knows a thing

It's so obvious that
All man's knowledge
Is contradictory
Or incomplete

And yet
The only single thing
Worth doing
Is to seek the answer
The conclusion
The clincher
That will always be
Standing by
In case you forget
And ever start searching

Seeking that answer
Is the impossible priority
And it's OK
We're doing it

The lack of results
Is not a problem
Because there are no results
No answer
To be had
And this no answer
Is also no answer

When I ask
Who am I?
No one hears
Only awareness resonates
And when awareness is
The question isn't

Who am I?
Is never asked by awareness

Yet before awareness of awareness
In the undescribed
And unmanifest
Lies the inaccessible

In this moment
So close
That the first step toward
Is away

What I am
Again and again

Who am I?
Over and over

While the question asks
It hides the answer
While the answer breathes
No questions are

Question and answer are
Not two

One at a time

The question needs no answer
The answer requires no question

Each morphs to and from
The same self

If you ask:  Why?
You are the question
If you don't
You are the answer

It's you that is
The common thread

It is youness
That is the one

It's the oneness
That is

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