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September 2010

Be Yourself

You hear it all the time

Be yourself
Just be yourself
Be who you are

It is the answer

But how on Earth
Would you


I went to sit
In the present moment
In the present moment

And while I waited
It was there

At last it came
While it was there
And then it went

And even though it's here
I can't wait till
Next time


A Cheap Toy

On my birthday
God gave me
A cheap toy

As it unwrapped
I became mesmerised
With all the things it did

When it clicked
And jumped so high
My spirit soared

And when it broke
So did I

String and glue do help it
Limp along
But I'm always nervous
And ready to
Hide the tears

What can I Want?

Peace is peaceful
But war is all the rage
So what can I want?

Beauty is beautiful
Yet as I advance
Ugliness becomes its mockery

Wisdom becomes fouled
With ignorance
And poverty taints
The promise of wealth

What can I possibly want?
When babbling gossip
And meditation
Are one

A Good Life

There are some wonderful opportunities

Said God

Look around and
Jump in
For a good life

Of course
If you want to fail
And question everything
I can arrange it
It's up to you

But think about it
A good life
Can last a whole life
If you believe it

If you fiddle around waking up
You could spoil the happy dream
Of a sound sleeper

Spiritual Advice

The tiniest bit of
Spiritual advice
Is immediately null and void

It's advice against
What is

How can you advise for
Or against
The only thing going?

It's true
Spiritual advice is itself what is
When it is
As a wafty idea
And unmanifest

Even my advice that
This is this
Urges you away from

But don't worry
It's a step you
Can't take


Prove it to me

I read a book by Ramana
Spelling truth and love
So obviously

And another by Nisargadatta
That rang with the real
Jolting me to the core

I forgot what they said
And I'm back at my antics

But if that's perfect
And I don't know it
Why couldn't they do better
And prove it to me


Tiny Birds Chirping

In the trees
Tiny birds are chirping

Those of the same feather
Sing the same song

I asked for a translation

There's no meaning
She told me
But it must be said

I have the same problem
I chirped
As you can see
As you can see


It's too Late

Everything happens
Before you know it
That's how everything happens

And when you get
To know it
Like now
Like talking about it

That too
Happens before you know it

You exist
But when you look
You don't

It's too late

As if you Know

As you mature
And grow older
You don't realize when you
Start to lose it

But you never had it
So carry on by all means
As if you know


A Flying Jump

I am the greatest
Said God

And I am the most humble
Not too

The real truth is the lie
That I am everything
And nothing

And if you doubt my authority
Feel free to take
A flying jump

Unconditional Love

You would think unconditional love
Something special
But it's nothing
And everywhere
It looks on everything
As it is
As you look now

Love is nothing because
Nothing is singled out
For comment
Or even recognition

It comes prior to
It's opposite
And is so perfect
It can't tell the difference
Between itself


Not not it

That you are
Looking at
And getting ready to
Decide against

That that
Is not not it

Leave it there
As it is
As you must

Whatever it is
It's so not not it
That it's the it
You wanted
All along


The fight against wrong
Must go on
Choose your cause
And fling yourself into it

But please
Not everyone

Injustice takes manpower
And dedication

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