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Not Seeking

Not Seeking

Maybe like me you're
Not seeking
And missing it

Disappointed in yourself and
Feeling you've abandoned your path
Or your future
For a bit

Yet not seeking is freedom
One way or another

Either you found what you want
Or you forgot what you want

And that's a nice contrast to

The eternal search for
A better future

But if you're not seeking
And missing it
Your not not seeking
At all

You're putting aside the search
While chasing what you were
Trying to let go of

Which is what seeking


True not seeking
Is letting yourself be
To a degree you will
Not understand

If it could be described
You could say it's an
Acceptance of all that is
In a very ordinary way

Because all that is
Is not the vast universe
So much as your own kitchen
And your little life
With it's tiny goals

Not seeking is letting this
State of affairs

Including any anxious attempt

To change it
To heavenly bliss

When you're seeking and
When you're not seeking
Life is exactly the same

Life is the
Same as itself

For not seeking to happen
Not seeking is not necessary

You never were seeking
And you never are

Something says
Something is seeking

Yet you wouldn't know what

How could you know
What does things
When you are done?

By it

The unknown source

The source seeks itself

And the reason it seeks
Is because it seeks

The seeker is the sought
And the non seeker is the sought
Not seeking

You are nowhere to be found apart
From any of this
Or anything else

God chasing himself
Round and round
Is this life

It's all God
God is God
Not God is God

Life is already lived as
The miracle it is because
You are the result
Of the universe

No need to push
Or feel guilt or shame
Or joy
 Or anger

But you may
Says the universe

You definitely may


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