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Teaching God

  Teaching God 

Other people might
And if they do
They are in the same boat
As you

In other words
No one knows a thing about
What's going on

Even the cleverest person
Is in your situation
Your predicament

So who will you ask?

If the teacher was
And knew why everything
Was like it was
Why would he teach?

Why would he try to
Change what is
Into what isn't?

Why teach acceptance
Instead of doing it?

The teacher seeks
To teach
And is known as
Someone who knows
In the appearance
In lila

But in the real
The teacher has
No authority
No choice
Just like the seeker

Neither can help themselves
Being themselves

The teacher is the taught

Teaching and learning happen
Out of nowhere

Logic breaks down
And everything just is

A guru is wonderful
But so are you
And just as true
Which is not true at all

Only everything is
And a kind teacher might offer
Shared bewilderment
As the highest

You start out wanting to
Understand the universe
And quickly realize
You can't understand
These word-thought symbols

Yet thoughts are no different from
A cup and saucer
Or a hot bath
And to seek meaning at all
Is to ultimately ask
"Where does the next thought
 come from?"

Which amazingly enough
Is this thought

How impossible

How beautiful

Truth is dancing
But you are not allowed to peep

You and I are trapped
In not knowing

God is under
His own spell

Don't move
Hold still!

And let events

Pass through you
In exactly the way
 They are

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