Advaita Notebook  

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The Final  Nail in your Coffin

After 35 years of intense searching
I asked God what all the
Banging was about

"Lie still" said God "And peace
beyond understanding will be yours -
I'm putting the final nail in your coffin"

Immediately I began
Bashing on the lid from inside
"Like hell!" I yelled
"Like hell you are!"

And I was right
As usual

Hunting Alone

Those with common interests
I could never find

Every path became silly
And eventually
There was nothing to join
Nothing to follow

Hunting alone
Is the closest I have come

In  a Nutshell

What's the truth in a nutshell?
I asked God in a lucky moment

He told me to bring to mind
The most horrible and cruel event
I ever saw or heard of

Then to imagine
It didn't matter
At all

The Case for Truth

When the case for truth drags on
The jury gets confused
With too much info
Causing endless retrials
And paperwork

The true verdict is reached
With a slam of the hammer

And the first thing that
Comes into your head

Miracles are Everywhere

Miracles are everywhere
But we think them into thoughts
Taming the shock of freedom

You can try setting up the
Same circumstances again
To get a second chance

But it doesn't work
I've tried it
Everyone's a Dickhead

On the subject of inequality
Through genetic inheritance
Country of birth
Parental upbringing
And social status

God simply told me
"Everyone's a dickhead"

Quiet for a While

I brought up this use
Of bad language by God
With himself
Explaining that I felt he
Should be
setting the example
And my wanting to keep
These poems
of a high standard

I think he got the message
Because he hasn't said boo
For some time

Next opportunity I'll mention
The business of
Not saying outrageous things
That people can't handle

That should keep him
Quiet for a while

What did you Think ?

"Well what did you think
Of the show?"
Said God

Subtitles would have helped
I replied
Most of it I didn't understand
And the worst bit was
Not knowing
What happened to everyone
In the end

My favourite was tea and toast
and marmalade
And the songs of birds
And a few people

But then the loneliness was
Often very beautiful

On the Cards

What I dread most
Is now on the cards

And though my mind desperately
Weaves its reinterpretations
My stomach keeps sinking
Into the truth

Divine Communication

God told me that although
He speaks eight hundred
And fifty languages
He prefers to communicate with me
Using pain and pleasure

All is Well

Compassion for the seeker
Arises from nowhere
And does nothing
But to allow the seeker to seek
And let the one heal itself
In this instant
And see that all is well
And see that all is always well
In this eternal instant

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