Advaita Notebook  

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When you see that no-one knows
It’s easy to forget to be

Knowing you don’t know is a start
But when you don’t know
That you don’t know
Then the burden is lifted
In your total not knowing
You are free
Even to seek

You can’t see yourself from here
Maybe if you walk over there
You can see yourself
From there

The mystery shrouds itself
In logic
That which you are trying to
Is it

You can know nothing
Or you can know nothing
Either way there was
Nothing to know

A concept lasting a paragraph
Is fraught with danger
A line or two is safer
Silence is faultless
If you scoff because Advaita
Is used to sell vacuum cleaners
Think again
Selling is it
And think again
Scoffing is it

Nothing cannot be said

Destroys the mystery
Every good concept
Renders itself
Immediately unnecessary

Maybe bad wrong silly naughty concepts
Point to non-conceptual oneness
More accurately than
Good clear believable concepts

How many years of seeking
Before nothing is finally learnt
Look at the branches swaying
  In the wind
At what point
Can you reach a conclusion

For perfection to be running smoothly
Your understanding is not required

The one thing you know about
The unknown
Is that it can’t be
Silence is a word
Pretending to describe
What it is not

You read this
And think you understand it
And weigh it up
But you don’t even know
From where a thought comes

Truth cannot be seen
Because truth is what is looking
Right now
Here suggests there
Now suggests then
This suggests that
The mystery is safe

Beliefs have to be remembered
True knowledge is unrecorded
And unknown

If you tick off
Everything you know
This will be emptiness
Neti Neti
Not this not this
Also applies to itself

Doesn’t take years of practice

You can’t know what it is
You don’t know
Which really means
You know everything
It’s easy to be a seagull
Because all you have to do
Is squawk in the right way
And any squawk 
Is it

To say that truth can’t be spoken
Is only true
When not said

If you misunderstand a concept
How will you know?
If you want peace beyond
Don’t try to understand

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