Advaita Notebook  

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Nisargadatta or your own guru
Are not someone talking to you
Like this sentence
Arise in you
You may think they arise in others also
But those others arise in you
All arises in you
Any assuming others are
Having a similar experience to you
Is arising in you
When you talk to someone else
You are talking to yourself
Or more precisely
You are talking amongst yourself

The enlightened sage with disciples
Is a character of yours in lila
He is really no one and nothing
And God in action the same way
A murderer is
Or you are
When an authority speaks
You are more likely to be impressed
But you are that authority
Pretending you're not

You hide your true knowledge
In the form of a guru
Nothing is true
But anything else isn't

The whole purpose of searching
Is that every time you
Try and find the answer
You realize
You don't know
On the verge of understanding
There's the faintest hint
Of something still to know
But it's something still to not know

What other people think of you
Is entirely your business
Anything you don't know about
Doesn't exist

It's not that you're not doing your best
It's that consciousness is doing you
Does God really disappear
If you have a red wine

The spiritual approach
Renders life ridiculous
But not as ridiculous
As the material approach
Your ego
Is my ego's creation
And my ego is
A wisp of consciousness
No problem

Even if you are acting
Against your will
This is the will of consciousness
Seeing who you truly are
Is so tricky
You simply can't do it

Oneness doesn't give two hoots
About enlightenment
Or unenlightenment
You can turn away from the search
But you can't turn away
From turning away

You don't need to make
A vow of silence
Because you've never said a word
When the cards are well shuffled
They are in exactly
The right order

The guru teaching the disciple
Is already
God teaching God
Whether you blame God or yourself
Doesn't matter
Because both are the same

The guru can't stop himself from teaching
Because no one is in control
The truth will set you free
When it's ready

When the guru becomes enlightened
He sees that all his disciples
Are perfect
The hesitant frightened seeker
And the confident booming guru
Are one and the same

If you don't improve yourself
With the ten commandments
Or the four noble truths
You will be as you are
What would you choose for
A better life
When there is no difference
Between anything

The finger points to the moon
But when you see the moon
You see the finger was it
What is
Monitoring what is
Is sometimes what is
But it's an impossible situation

The concept of oneness
Points there
But why not go there
Where you are
There's absolutely nothing wrong
With being good
In fact it's preferable
To most people

When seeking is seen through
It can continue
You can't teach God

No one can pretend to be God
Because they are
If nothing needs to be done
It certainly will be

"Thought is the real problem"
Is another thought
You aren't in control of
Oneness is nothingness
Because it can't be
Divided into anything

Just as you are a figment
Of your imagination
So is Ramana
Reincarnation is true
It occurs every time
You own a thought

There is no such thing
As not thinking
Not thinking is
Another thought
Luckily for the seeker
Finding the purpose of life
Is the purpose of life

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