Advaita Notebook  

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The truth can't be known
But luckily it can be unknown

The truly not known
Is so profound that
No case for or against it
Can be made
The sage can sound like
An arrogant know it all
Until he gets to some concepts
You agree with

I wish I hadn't ticked him off
Becomes he couldn't have done anything else
Becomes I couldn't have done anything else
Becomes all must be happening perfectly

If you're not present
Not good
And not interested
Truth still is
You don't hold a rock
Responsible for its size and shape
And where it sits

The good want the bad to be good
And that's their problem
But only in the drama
Really them doing that is just fine

The very first thing you do
To find freedom
Prevents it
Yet still is it
You can only pretend
To be no one
Because you already are no one

Becoming is not your job
You have already become
And any further becoming
Is now under way

God rings our burglar alarms
By providing burglars
To claim to be no one
Is the height of arrogance
Unless you really are no one
As is always the case

Because you are oneness
You are the one that knows it

Neti Neti
Not this not that
Yeti Yeti
Tis this tis that
On productive days
You can tend to forget to worry
About how to find oneness
Causing a sense of unease

How can you exclude anything?
Exclusion is simply
Something else to be added
To this

When you fall in love
With oneness

There's absolutely nothing
You can do
Just the tiniest instant
Before you fabricate your story
All is happening uncaused
Including your fabrication

Be sad by all means
But don't let it upset you

On seeing an injustice
You might say all is happening
Who am I to interfere?
Or you might say
Who am I to interfere
With my interfering?
God doesn't judge
Because he doesn't need

Condemning the innocent
Is the only wrong
And all is innocent as oneness
Including any condemning

Be careful because
Advaita is a word
Masquerading as that
Which it describes
Advaita Westernised
Is criticised for avoiding
The gruelling work of spiritual practice
And rightly so for it says only
This is it

Everyone is channelling God

All said against Advaita
Is welcomed as
That which is
If you don't know everything
You don't know anything
And that's the case

When that which you fear most
Is suspected to be the perfection
Relief is immediate

You are always yearning God
But God is
The yearning itself
To live a day without doubting all
Is such a waste

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