Advaita Notebook  

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The past is a present idea

The present doesn’t slip
Into the past at all
It remains totally present
Because there is no past
There was no past

There is no time to waste

This now moment that you seek
Has you in its jaws
Why wait for enlightenment?
Why not go off half-cocked
Which is now
And already out of your control

This is all space right here
Where could you get leverage
To affect this?
This is all time right now
When could you even attempt
To change this?

When you comment on life
It’s already too late
And also too late to withdraw
The above comment
And this one also
And so on
The present moment is not
Just a moment
Among other moments

The present moment is as subtle
As an express train

It was already over
Before you started
That which you want to improve
Is happening now

Thought does never move
From the present

This moment is smooth
And continuous
And eternal
The past is also now

To think you have to remind yourself
To be in the now
Is absurd

When observed closely
Nothing lingers at all
In the present moment
No time exists

The absolute power of this now
Is completely overlooked

It’s too late to do anything
About now
There is no cause and effect
Because this is it
There is nothing else to cause this
And nothing else for this to affect

Truth is before you think about it

Behind this present clear moment
Is not even a trail of ashes
Everything changes
Except now

The present isn’t an instant
It’s everything

The result of change is always now Any attempt to
Change what occurs
Is what occurs

You will never learn from experience
Because experience is
Only now

There is only what is occurring
Right now
Change does happen
But there is no past
  To cause it
Every attempt to reach oneness
Is oneness already attempting

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