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          October's Random Assortment         

You don't have to
Convert anyone to Advaita

Because the current number of
Non believers

Is essential for what is

On the spiritual quest

Nine out of ten isn't good enough
It's nine too many

Don't worry about

Your interpretation being wrong
Because it is

Advaita is one of those
Frustrating teachings
That can't be proved wrong
But only because it doesn't say anything
Except this is
The whole thrust of Advaita
Is that the problem you're attacking
Doesn't exist
Advaita translates as not two
And this opens up
A huge split
In oneness

You can make a choice
But you can't decide
Which choice it will be
You don't have to bow down to
That which you are
From primitive mumbo jumbo
We have advanced
To modern mumbo jumbo
Of which this is an example

Your response to the play
Is the play

You're not fooled by lila
You are lila

You know everything you think and
You think you know everything
Are the same

Thinking is doing
And happens only now
Thinking cannot be about doing
Because thinking cannot
Step away and have a look
All happens spontaneously
In this instant
Eternally now

The trouble with Advaita
Is that you can't
Do anything with it
Because whatever you do
Is already being done
As knowledge deepens
Understanding seems
Less likely

The truth is hidden everywhere

You can't pretend to not understand
It must be genuine

You keep forgetting who you are
Every second

When looked at closely
The familiar is just as strange
As the unfamiliar
Tragic mistakes
And grace
Are the same
There is so much
You don't have to do

In this mystical game
If something makes too much sense
It loses credibility

If you pretend you are God
You are God pretending

You have the free will
To choose this
You can't practise acceptance
Because there's already what is
And that can't not be accepted
Non-acceptance is what is as
Resistance being accepted

If you were going to learn anything
About this
You'd have to do it
Some other time

You are in a bind because
What is is perfect
And wanting things to be different
Is perfect

To take life seriously
Is to take life less seriously

Logical argument proves
Freedom to be in the future
But when looked for now
The person in bondage
Is nowhere to be found

No change to what is
Is possible
So no advice need be given
Yet even this advice
Contradicts itself

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