Advaita Notebook  

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After years of searching
The mystery deepens

The idea of waking up
Is dreaming
Seek and you shall seek

Even your seeking
Doesn’t prevent freedom

The seeker is the sought
Means consciousness went off
Looking for itself
First there is truth
Then there is the search for it
Only when you try and catch it
Does truth disappear

You can’t be a fly on the wall
Because the perceiver is the perceived

A brilliant spiritual concept
Destroys itself
Taking others with it
You pick up a book and
The written message
Changes you forever
But you have nothing to do
With that process

You must either accept your acceptance
Or lack of acceptance
Accept your non-acceptance of your
Acceptance or lack of acceptance
Or not

Some good and responsible gurus
Say you misinterpret Advaita
For your own selfish purposes
Just so you can do what you like
And blame God
But Advaita is not two
The above situation is
Perfectly God in action
On the spiritual search
You can have
And as the search progresses
You experience deeper and deeper
Eventually the idea that all is
Is perfectly misunderstood

Advaita non-duality or oneness
Are not pointing to what should be
They describe what is

Here’s the hint
“No hint is needed”
Acceptance comes before
Any thing to be accepted

Whether you accept
Or reject these concepts
Doesn’t matter
They are all of equal value
In the fruitless search for
What already is

The seeker is the sought
Even before beginning seeking
Advaita isn’t confusing
It’s just unknowable

You can’t see behind a tree
Because what you’re seeing
Is the tree
You can’t ponder the current thought
Because what you’re thinking
Is the current thought

The spiritual search
Has nothing to do with
Finding anything
Enlightenment is an idea
Creating unenlightenment

Truth can’t be described
Let alone remembered

Consciousness is a
Miserable seeker
Searching for the truth
Is the truth

Toying with enlightenment is
Toying with the idea that you’re
Not enlightened

If you feel you’re beginning
To understand
You’re on the wrong path
The idea that truth needs
To be pursued
Is part of the illusion

When you weigh up the
Pros and cons
Of a particular teaching
Or a particular guru
That’s all you’re doing
Meanwhile the truth
In which those thoughts arise
Is steadily present

As a seeker
You can only hope to
Find yourself
Lost in freedom
Seeking is trying to know
Freedom is not knowing

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