Advaita Notebook  

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That will do for God

If there's something
Even one little thing
That you don't know
THAT will  do for God!

It won't be long before you can
Add something else
And God comes further out of hiding

From there it's not such a big step
To realize you actually know nothing
God becomes everything

God stood up

We were rowing ashore
With very little freeboard
God saw something and
Sprang to his feet
The whole boat tipped over

He was just splashing about
Not a care in the world

It's alright for him
He doesn't have to
Pay for the funerals

Blaspheming every day

God and I got so mixed up the other week
We couldn't work out
Which one of us was blaspheming

"I'm claiming to be you" he said
"No you're claiming to be me"
I replied
That riotous confusion lasted for hours

Now I'm blaspheming every day
God was at the Party

This time God really was at the party
I had sent requests over the years
But I never saw him once
Even though he said he never
Refused an invitation

I even almost missed him this time
Thinking he was Elvis in fancy dress

But now I've heard his voice
I can pick him out in a flash
And I can't wait till the next do.

In the Privacy of my own mind

Just now
In the privacy of my own mind
I was making decisions
About the neighbour's dog
And the war in the Middle East
And the checkout girl's smile
And shape

God burst in yelling
"You think you can leave me out"
"I'll give you something to think about"

I can't repeat the beautifully shocking
Content of God's thought

But now we certainly
Understand each other better

God Said The Word Arse

The deepest truth reveals God
As all and everything

Yesterday I opened my mouth
And God said the word 'arse'

I tried to explain
But got confused when God
Sent thoughts trying to
Pin it on me

I could hear him guffawing
In the distance

What would I know
Please dear God
Just bump me off

I Can't Explain

A sound I can't explain
In my own home
Let it reverberate
In my heart
In your heart

Thank you

On this dark day
I just had the most beautiful
Burst of joy
Disproving everything
Thank you
Thank you

Lunch with God

Having lunch with God
I let him do all the talking
I just smiled and nodded
And totally agreed
Wanting it to last

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