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September 2009

There is no God

There is no God
Said God

And you can join me

It's very quiet here

I Tapped on the World

I tapped on the world
To see if it was hollow
And it fell apart
Into a great illusion

I tapped on the illusion
To find anything of substance
I could use

And I fell apart
Into nothing

No Time to Spare

Everyone jumped out
At ten thousand feet
And we're all plummeting
Tugging furiously
At our ripcords

But they're jammed
All ripcords are jammed
And no chutes will be opening
Or this life

The hint is to
Find a way
To fall
More gracefully
Enjoying the view
And living a full life
On the way down

But you'd better be quick
Because there's
No time to spare

It's Me You're Talking About

I asked God what about
All those fools
Strutting about the place
As if they know everything
When they know nothing

It's me you're talking about
He said

Well what about all those
Spiritual nutcases
That twist everything
Upside down and inside out

That's me as well
He said

Suddenly I understood
And apologised
Declaring myself such a
Fool and spiritual nutcase

It's still me you're talking about
Said God

God is Advertising

God is now advertising
For volunteers
And there are
Several positions
Still to be filled

Thirteen victims for
Loan sharks
Ninety two patients for
A new virus
Seventy four drunk drivers
For collisions
And forty nine bald men
For hair treatments
That fail

If he doesn't get enough
Applications by Thursday
He will just pick some of you
At random

You Can't Say

Why some people survive
A concentration camp
You can't say
Except some are of course
Stronger than others

Why some are
Stronger than others
You can't say
Except some have a stronger
Make up and upbringing

Yet why some have a stronger
Make up and upbringing
You can't say
Except whoever dished that out
Dished it out differently

But why it got
Dished out differently
You can't say
You just can't say

Come Round to My Place

Come round to my place
Said Mike
But I declined
Explaining I would rather
Keep searching for God

Come round to my place
Said God
But I declined
Explaining I would rather
Keep searching

This Nothing

Someone believes in
Water colours
Why can't I?
And someone believes in
Why not?
That would do me

I'm stuck on this nothing
Nothing to sell
Nothing to get
Nothing to be

Nothing but the painful truth
Of the pure love
Of nothing

No Need to Worry

There's no need to worry
Because so far
There's not a single person
Who hasn't had the courage
To die

Sex Drive

Feeling satisfied
With my spiritual search
I was ready to begin
Fine tuning

So I asked God
"What does one do with
The sex drive?"

He suggested
I fasten my seat belt

Crazy Prices

Searching the shelves
In Crazy Prices
I came across a light
So cheap
It was almost free

Tiny globes radiated
The Great Rays
Of cool white light
Flooding every corner
Of the store

The lost and
Lonely shoppers
Became incandescent
As we floated in aisles
Of heavenly wares
With no desire to hold

When the power ran down
My earthly search

And I was guided to a
Folding umbrella
For three ninety five

Plenty of Peace

There will be
Plenty of peace
In good time
Peace that would
Bore you to tears
If they weren't forbidden

Till then
Live life on the surface
Where ripples become waves
And huge swells
Break on rocks
Like thunder

There'll be
Plenty of peace
In good time
That secret is all you
Need to know
But keep it well in the
Back of your mind
So it doesn't
Spoil your

Weeping with Bliss

I asked God why
He was serious
"Bliss is serious" he said

I asked why
He was  sad
"Bliss is sad" said God

I asked God
Why he wept so deeply
"I'm weeping with bliss"
Said God

Everything is Silly

If you say
"Everything is silly"
People think you're mad

But it's worth the risk
Because everything
Is silly
And the me
Is mad

Happy to be Sad

Even when your understanding
Is perfect
And you're happy to be sad
You can't afford to show it

Keep looking miserable
And don't let on

Feeling miserable
Can also help with this game
If you can manage it

It's not easy I know
Just do your best
But remember
If you crack a smile
You'll give the game away

Is I

You worry I'm not here
Fretting I've left
Or never was

But you don't understand
That's all
That's all it is

I'm always as close
As this
And so intimately entangled
This very thought
Of you and me
Is I

The Opposite was the Case

I was so sure
So absolutely sure
Of everything
That I staked a great deal
On my actions
And prepared for success

It turned out that
The opposite was the case
And now knowing I was
To lose all
I regained my composure
And prepared for failure
And total loss

But as it turned out
The opposite was the case
So I got the idea
And continued on
Unnoticed and untroubled
Steering my way through life
Laughing at God's
Skid marks

Earth and Heaven

There are so many things
I would miss
If I became enlightened

Who wants to be liberated
From beautiful feelings
And human love

So I asked God
If I could hang around
As a seeker
For as long as possible
And enjoy the two halves
Of the two worlds
Earth and heaven

He agreed
As long as I write poems
About him

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