Advaita Notebook  

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This is not a place from which
To launch your search
This is it

If there’s any wickedness to be done
God will do it
In oneness
What could be discarded?

“I shouldn’t have done that”
Is oneness commenting on its actions

Luckily you haven’t wasted
Any time searching
This was it all along
God doesn’t hide behind trees
And under rocks
He hides in front of trees
And on top of rocks

The truth is unthinkable

If this is it
And it’s not satisfactory
Then that’s it
You thought
If you knew who you were
You’d know what to do
Yet all is happening without you

Means everything that is
And it’s the same this
As this

It’s natural to ask why God
Blows up children with land mines
But it’s God asking
Beyond belief
Beyond understanding
Totally unthinkable
This is the ever present truth

There is never another version of what is
Never a modification
An error message is never a mistake

This is not part of everything
This is everything
It’s only when you look for God
He pops behind a tree
Look away and he’ll be there

Oneness means no-one

Any pointer can only
Point to this
Because this is all there is
When God is everything
It makes him hard to spot

God is guilty
In other words
He did it

God will rock the boat
Because he doesn’t care
If it tips over
While you continue
Sincerely seeking
Truth remains staring you
In the face

Truth is not a conclusion
Truth cannot be remembered
Truth is that into which these words
Are disappearing

There is only one thing In the final judgment
God will have a lot
To answer for

Thought is God’s disguise

“You still haven’t got the joke”
Says God
As he removes both your legs
If oneness wants to
Pretend it’s you
Why not!

Truth is
And includes all doubts

Consciousness does the despicable
Then has the gall to judge itself
Sometimes God succeeds in selling
More vacuum cleaners

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